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    Magic: The Gathering tournament etiquette


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    Magic: The Gathering tournament etiquette

    Post by Frankie on Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:19 pm

    Articulo sacado de la Red sobre la etiqueta como jugador de MTG:

    While to many, Magic: The Gathering is simply a game, to just as many it is more than that. Playing Magic against complete strangers in a competitive environment is much different than a simple game on a kitchen table among friends.

    Don't let this discourage you, as nearly all tournament players are friendly and also out to have a good time. Tournaments become more and more enjoyable as time goes on, because you start to build a strong network of friends who all share ties to this game.

    Simply following a few unwritten (until now) rules of tournament etiquette will not only give your opponent's a better impression of you, and you will become much more comfortable with competitive Magic.

    Rule 1 - Friendliness

    This is of the utmost importance. Don't be shy, and have some pre-game chat with your opponents while you're shuffling your deck. You can lay off the conversation during the match, but before and after, treat your opposition as if they were just another friend you want to get to know. Despite how concentrated and silent they may be in a game, they are still friendly people when not playing.

    Rule 2 - Sportsmanship

    This may seem unnecessary, but being a kind and considerate opponent is essential to the well-being of the game. Do not pepper your opponent with questions during the game, as they are most likely trying to concentrate. After a match, especially if it was close, offer your opponent a handshake and wish them luck in the rest of the tournament. This shows that you truly enjoy the game, and are not just out for yourself. Try to be the most civilized player you can be, and your opponents will do likewise.

    Rule 3 - In-Game Interaction

    During a game, your are privy to certain amount of information. This includes, but is not limited to, cards in your opponents hand or library, contents of their graveyard, and any current effects or cards currently in play or on the stack. However, should you need to read a card, always, always ask. You wouldn't want someone snatching your cards out of your hands, so don't do it to others. Most opponents, after asking, will be more than happy to let you take their cards for a moment to read. Again, it really comes down to common courtesy.

    Rule 4 - Spectating

    When you have a bye or some time before the round is up, you may wish to look at other peoples games. Many people will have no problems with this, but you must remain silent. Nothing that could be anyways interpreted as help for either side is acceptable. I personally enjoy having an audience watch my games, but everyone has their own preferences, which should be respected.

    That about sums up on what I have to say regarding tournament etiquette. It basically comes down to common courtesy, and keeping the game fair for all. Tournaments are great fun, but only with proper respect can a new player become truly accepted at all levels of competition.

    Article By Mishra Planeswalker.

    Espero disfruten este articulo y apliquen lo que dice. Todos sabemos que necesitamos mejorar las actitudes en el juego.


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