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    Spiteful Visions kills you first



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    Spiteful Visions kills you first

    Post by ajsuarez86 on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:02 am

    This deck takes the "he draws first" problem of howling mine and turns it into a plus!!

    I made this deck a little while ago... it looks solid on paper, but in practice it makes me make some dumb plays. I'm trying to iron out the kinks. I play 2HG mostly, but i'l like to have a SB for other multiplayer formats or even duels

    Check it out:

    5 Plains
    4 Flagstones of Trokair
    9 Mountain
    4 Relinquary Tower
    3 Jungle Shrine
    4 Boros Signet

    3 Howling Mine
    4 Spiteful Visions
    4 Ivory Tower

    3 Wildfire
    3 Catastrophe
    3 Armageddon
    2 Island Sanctuary

    3 Ajani Vengeant
    4 Lightning Helix
    2 Faith's Fetters

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