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    READ BEFORE ANYTHING - Rules - Bad Trading Report and Resolution


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    READ BEFORE ANYTHING - Rules - Bad Trading Report and Resolution

    Post by Guasu on Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:48 pm

    Considering this forum is used ONLY for reporting issues and solving them. This means that you ONLY report people caught or suspected of breaking one of the following rules.

    These rules, in no way, attempt to entirely govern each and every single possible situation - rules are subject to additions, removal and alterations when and if deemed necessary by the mtgzonepr.com staff.

    These rules are here to help you. Failure to follow these rules may result in us not being able to assist you to the best of our abilities.

    *** Before opening a Business Transaction Activity(BTA) please try to contact the member who you have a trade problem with. ***
    For deals within Puerto Rico please wait one
    week from the time the cards were supposed to be mailed
    out. For International please wait 4 weeks
    to allow items to be in transit and through customs.
    If you feel at anytime that is not in these guidelines that a case needs to be brought up please either pm Market Place Staff.

    1-) Please announce who the dispute is between via the Subject line (i.e. Guasu trade with CatchoftheCentury).

    2-) Copy every possible PM, Email, AIM chat or anything else that you have so that we may review it. This includes giving us a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number.

    3-) Unless you are involved with the transaction or a Moderator, an infraction will be issued to anybody who feels they must give their opinion on the specific case.

    The ONLY exception is if you can provide assistance to clarifying something within the case. Any other comments or statements made to one or both of the traders MUST be done via PM. Failure to do so will result in a warning and/or infraction.

    4-) No hunting. This means you cannot flame another member in this area. We expect that all reports are professional. Also, anything that might be a warning in the rest of Market Place will be an Auto-Infraction.

    5-) If you are accused of bad trading and/or ripping and do not reply within the specified time, your name will be added to the bad trader/Ripper list and further action will be taken.

    6-) If you are found to be a Bad trader, Guasu or CatchoftheCentury will place your name on the Bad Trader List. This list will also be linked to your profile. Addresses may be displayed, depending on the case.

    7-) If you are found to be a ripper you will be banned, your positive and neutral refs will be deleted, and an absurd number of negative refs left in their place. Your profile will be permanently altered to reflect your status as a ripper.

    8-) It is your responsibility to ensure that your packages reach their destinations. If you don't use Delivery Confirmation, registered mail, insurance, or some form of tracking, then we cannot assist you to the best of our ability. Delivery Confirmation clears up a lot of red-tape. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to use tracking or you WILL be responsible for lost packages. Proof of sending is not sufficient to mitigate responsibility for package delivery. *** Please note that Delivery confirmation does not guarantee delivery of a package. For large deals please use insurance of the packages value

    9-) A valid e-mail must be used for your account as another measure of contacting you. This is important for the safety of our community. Those who don't have a real one will be held accountable.

    10-) When you create a new thread in this forum, REPORT your post so that we can contact the accused much more quickly.

    11-) We respect your right to privacy. Upon request, if you are a member in good standing (not banned or trade-banned), we will remove your address from any post you identify in this sub-forum other than the Official Ripper and Bad Trader Listing. For cross-referencing purposes, if you are the accused party, we will leave your name and city/state/postal code posted until the dispute is completed. As a public service to our members and the community, we reserve the right to re-post your name, address, and any other identifying information we have in the event that you are banned for ripping, trade-banned for any reason, or listed as a bad trader. This is non-negotiable, and by disclosing your address to any member of this forum, you indicate your consent to these terms.

    12) Retaliatory postings will not be tolerated. If someone posts a Bad Trade Response(BTR) thread about you, it does not give you a reason to post one about them. Any and all retaliatory threads will be closed, along with the poster receiving a non-expiring spam infraction. Multiple infractions of this type will result in automatic trade-banning.

    13) The mtgzonepr staff reserves the right to make any BTR-related rulings in the spirit of fairness in order to avoid rewarding rippers and rules-lawyers.

    All New Cases that are posted while staff is investigating the BTR the party that is being accused of bad trading will not be allowed to trade or buy and sell until this is resolved. If we find anyone making offers while suspended or in a BTR investigation further punishment will be given. We will try our best to make sure those threads of BTR investigations are locked and will unlock them as soon as the case is closed.

    *** After this is completed please leave appropriate
    feedback. If you filed a BTA and there is something in
    your trade or transaction that you are not pleased with.
    Please be honest in your in your feedback.


    Guidelines taken and mofied from mtgsalvation.com

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