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    Worlds 2009 - Rome


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    Worlds 2009 - Rome

    Post by Guasu on Sun Nov 22, 2009 5:50 pm

    World Championship has come to an end.

    China has once more demonstrated their reach and progress even in games.

    A couple of Jund decks were able to advance to the final rounds. This was expected since more than one third of the decks were Jund.

    Team Puerto Rico was able to cope a little since one of their main man, Obed Serrano, had to stayed in Puerto Rico due to health problems. His substitute, Michael Velazquez, did an outstanding performance, he was the one with best standing from his team but that was not enough for team Puerto Rico.

    Maybe next time...

    You can find the standings here:World - Individual Standings

    To see the top standard decks go here:World - Top Standard Decks

    Feel free to discuss anything related to World Championship in this thread.

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