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    Rules for MTG: Puerto Rico


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    Rules for MTG: Puerto Rico Empty Rules for MTG: Puerto Rico

    Post by Guasu Tue May 20, 2008 7:17 am

    Welcome to MTG: Puerto Rico!

    Here you'll find everything you need to learn or simply discuss about Magic: The Gathering. This is a place for Puertorican gamers to get together and talk about everything in and out of the game. A place to find out about the latest events in Puerto Rico and simply interact with other gamers of the island to know what's going on. I concede that the gaming population in Puerto Rico is also not the biggest, so I worked hard on this website to make it available to every Magic: The Gathering player in the world to be able to come here and see what's going on here. They can read about us and know a bit of what we are up to so they know that we exist and are a band of players that does keep up with what happens the rest of the Magic World.

    Thus, from now on, the site will be in english and I hope everyone can jump on the language wagon so as to be able to have more players interact here in our forums. This will open more opportunities for us in the future, therefore I do this with the best intention possible.

    Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay.

    Christopher K. Fernandez

    a.k.a: WinterPanther (Admin)

    *If you have any suggestions please don't hesistate to PM or e-mail me at


    Bienvenidos a MTG: Puerto Rico!!!

    Aquí vas a encontrarte con todo lo relacionado al mundo de las cartas. Lod "gamers" en PR no es TAN grande como en otros paises y es importante que nos apoyemos. Pretendo con este medio poder fortalecer la acogida de los juegos de cartas y que la gente tenga un medio común donde puedan reunirse a discutir lo que les gusta en su idioma y con la gente que conocen.

    Con este foro ustedes pueden hacer amistades, aprender del juego y mantenerte al día, cambiar y/o vender cartas y muchas otras cosas más.

    Ten en cuenta de que el foro esta en fase de construcción todavía y muchas cosas estan siendo añadidas. Si tienes cualquier sugerencias o dudas me puedes enviar un mensaje privado y te contestare tan pronto pueda.

    Espero que aprendan y se diviertan mucho...

    David E. Silén Pagán
    aka Guasu (Creator)

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    Number of posts : 240
    Registration date : 2008-05-20

    Rules for MTG: Puerto Rico Empty Re: Rules for MTG: Puerto Rico

    Post by Guasu Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:58 am

    Por favor no evadan los censores de ciertas palabras que ya tengo marcadas...

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