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    Worldwake Pre Release @ Gaming Zone


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    Worldwake Pre Release @ Gaming Zone Empty Worldwake Pre Release @ Gaming Zone

    Post by Frankie Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:06 am

    Worldwake is Upon us! The New MTG Set is due for a Pre-Release on Jan 30-31, 2010! Come join us at the Biggest Pre-Releases in Puerto Rico!

    This time around we are hosting 3 events:

    - Jan 30, 2010 - Midnight Event - Right after the FNM, when the clock strikes 12am let the mayheem beggin! We had 57 players at our Zendikar Midnight...let's break 70 this time around!

    -Jan 30, 2010 - Afternoon Event - 5pm-6pm
    This will be our 2nd event of the weekend.

    -Jan 31 - afternoon event - 4:00pm
    Last chance to play at a the Pre-Release

    Now for the good Part - Cost, Prizes and Surprises!

    Tournament cost: $20.00 each

    Gaming Zone Pre-Release Special:

    Play in1 - tounrmanet = $20.00
    Play in 2 - tournaments - $35.00
    Play in all 3 events - $50.00

    Plus we are continuing a Gaming Zone Tradition...The Free Booster Draft Event....For those hardcore players that play on all 3 events, they will then participate at a FREE Booster draft sponsored by Gaming Zone...

    *The free draft will be held on Sunday Jan 31 after the last pre-release event has been finished. In order to be eligle to participate in the free booster draft you must play in all 3 events and have paid them in full no later than Jan 30, the first day of the Pre-Release.*

    See you all there!


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