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    READ BEFORE ANYTHING - Market Place Rules


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    READ BEFORE ANYTHING - Market Place Rules

    Post by Guasu on Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:23 pm

    Welcome to the mtgzonepr.com Sales Forum Rules.

    Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines so that you may make your time here more pleasant and productive.

    Effective: 00:01 November 22, 2009

    By posting on the Maket Place forums and/or subforums you confirm that you have read and understand to the best of your ability the following rules:

    Backing out of a sale after any of the following is grounds for a banning from trading (BTR):
    - Confirmed sending order (with or without address exchanges);
    - agreement to purchase (with or without confirmed sending order or address exchanges);
    - exchange of addresses.

    If you have had any accounts that have been banned or trade suspended from mtgpr.forumakers.com (mtgzonepr.com) and you are caught trading here, you will be banned again and all complaints you bring up from any transaction(s) you have engaged in here will be summarily dismissed.

    You may only represent one individual forum identity with one shipping address within the Market Place forums.
    Buyers and sellers sharing the same mailing address must notify trade moderators and wait for replies prior to starting trades or sales.

    You are permitted one active sale/buy thread on the Trade Forums.
    Alternates or duplicates will be removed by the moderating staff.
    Updating or modifying your thread through use of the edit function on your post is highly recommended.
    If you feel the absolute need to start a fresh thread, please retitle your old post header as "mods, please close" and notify a trade moderator
    via the "report post" button. We will get to it as soon as practical.

    We reserve the right to remove any sales or trade thread that we feel may be disruptive to the Market Place forums environment.

    Sale/ buy threads may also be locked without notice for suspensions, moderator review or if a Bad Trader case is opened on an individual. (See BAD TRADER ALERTS & CASES below)

    No sale or trade offers are to be posted, pm'd, emailed, instant messaged etc while a member is suspended or has an active bad trader case open against them.
    Posting offers on a suspended members Market Place thread will be grounds for an infraction.
    If a suspended or banned member contacts you for a deal please report them to the Market Place Staff.

    Unless otherwise noted, all forum and market place rules supersede users posted trade or sale rules. However, should both parties agree to the use of a set of rules by PM, email or post, the agreed upon terms may be used in lieu of forum and market place rules. We reserve the right to refuse the enforcement of agreed upon rules at our discretion.

    Your sales forum thread must contain exact prices that you are willing to sell or buy card(s) or collections.
    Failure to do so will result in the closure & removal of your thread.

    Your sale/ buy thread must also state or otherwise indicate the country you currently reside in.
    Using the correct (accurate) flag icon for your profile is highly recommended.

    Your sale/buy thread must list the currency you are using for your prices. If you don't, your prices will be assumed to be in US Dollars (USD).
    A conversion chart is here, for those utilizing other currencies. http://www.sciencemadesimple.net/currency.html

    Sales forum threads must also contain statements that include:
    Forms of payment accepted
    Shipping charges (as applicable)
    Methods of shipping

    Posting offers on a sale thread that does not have prices will be considered as spam and will be warned or infracted.

    If you choose to accept Paypal, you must accept standard "goods" transfers. You may not require buyers to pay using a "gift" transfer.

    If you wish to be noted as an international trader or seller, you must clearly specify that in your post.
    If you have restrictions that do not permit or you do not wish to trade or sell internationally, you must also clearly specify that in your post.

    International transactors, please inform yourself of destination customs laws and regulations such as import taxes, customs fees and other factors.

    You may only bump (self-reply) your sale thread once per 24 hours.
    This means that if you "bump" your thread at 1:00 pm local time, you may not post on your thread until after 1:00 pm local time the following day.
    This includes any replies to other members that you make on your thread.
    If you need to contact another member prior to that time, use the PM function.
    Failure to comply may result in warnings, infractions, or suspensions.
    Intentionally bumping your thread and deleting the post to evade the bump rule is an automatic infraction.

    Sales threads showing no noticeable activity for 60 days may locked and relocated to the retired forums.
    If you (the thread owner) would like the thread re-activated, simply notify one of the trade moderators.

    Members that "bump" older sale threads where the user has shown either no update to thread or no activity on site for a significant amount of time
    may be warned or infracted for "necro'ing" a dead thread.
    The most practical way to avoid this is to PM the thread originator, asking if the thread is indeed active, and utilizing the "confirm message" option when sending PM.
    No reply from thread owner is generally good indication that the store is closed.

    You may use (reserve) the first few (4 max.) posts within your thread if you anticipate having an extensive list of items for sale or wanting to purchase.

    Selling cards or other items you do not actually have in your inventory is expressly prohibited.
    If you are negotiating a sale for items that are "inbound" from another source and not "in-hand", you will be infracted and subject to further disciplinary action.

    Advertising trades or sales on other sites is prohibited - this includes MOTL, Ebay, Pojo, WOTC, mtgsalvation, etc.
    They are considered as spam and will be removed and infracted. Repeat violators will be banned.

    Sale of repacks or grab bags is not allowed.
    It is expressly prohibited, infractable, and may result in further disciplinary measures.

    Cards being traded or sold must be traded or sold as printed.
    Proxies, whether manufactured via technological means or hand-drawn, may not be traded or sold here.
    Members attempting to trade, sell or purchase counterfeit items will be banned and may be reported to the authorities.

    Due to the potential for reference fraud, itemized listing of your off-site trade references on your thread is prohibited.
    You may however, still link to independently verifiable refs such as MOTL and eBay.

    Check my MOTL refs here (link).

    Generic trader A
    Generic trader B
    Generic trader C
    Generic trader D

    Be Respectful. Treat others in a manner that you would like to be treated.
    Flaming is infractable and your presence on the Market Place forums may be subject to further review.

    "I'm interested in your:
    Item X
    Please contact me so we may make arrangements.
    MGTPR Member"

    "PM'd ya." and messages of a like kind will be considered as spam, and be warned or infracted.

    "Yo man, I saw that deal you did the other day with MTGPR Member.
    I offered you more! What were you thinking?
    Let me know if you still want to work something out."
    Would be considered as either flaming or badgering, possibly both.
    Also may be considered as spam and thus additionally infractable.

    If you are having a problem with a sale or purchase after confirmation, we have a dedicated subforum to assist in resolving issues.
    It is located on Market Place under the name of Bad Trading Report and Resolution and it is highly recommended that all traders
    read this prior to engaging in any transactions on the Market Place forums.
    A link is also provided here:
    Bad Trade Rules, etc

    If you have any questions, feel free to post on a Market Place mods help desk or send a PM.
    We are here to assist you with your Market Place questions or needs.

    Rules taken and modified from mtgsalvation.com

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